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We are excited to have an acclaimed French author in our midst ! From May 25 to May 28, Marie-Aude MURAIL will be guest of honour at the « Asian Festival of Children’s content » (AFCC) in Singapore. Marie-Aude Murail is the 2022 winner of the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international distinction given to authors and […]

“Around the world” new exhibition at Alliance Française

En route ! Let’s hit the road for a wide range of exciting activities coming these weeks at Alliance Française: a new exhibition AROUND THE WORLD to dive you into French innovations that have revolutionized the way we travel, a book launch with French author Grégory Nicolas in the Médiathèque, screenings, workshops… and much more! […]

See you in Paris by Andayoma

After 22 long years as a stalwart in Singapore’s jazz scene, Andayoma bids adieu in this farewell concert before her return to Paris, France. Having first settled in Singapore in 2001, the composer and singer-songwriter immediately made a distinct impression on the music scene with her Creole roots and Caribbean rhythms. Since 2003, Andayoma has […]

“TIRAILLEURS”, French Movie showcased at the European Film Festival

FATHER & SOLDIER | TIRAILLEURS Set in 1917 during World War I, Bakary Diallo enlists in the French army to protect his son Thierno, who enlisted against his will. Together, they navigate the harsh realities of war, with Thierno learning to become a man while Bakary tries to keep his son safe from the dangers […]

Ocean Imagineer Hackathon Holiday Camps

Join ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada and be part of a growing community of art and science inventor-entrepreneurs as you uncover the power of your creativity to design vehicles and machines aimed at solving our climate crisis. From conceptualisation to fabrication, learn the process and hands-on skills to bring your imagination from mind to paper to working […]

Ocean Imagineer Drop-in Sessions

Design, build and sail your own sea-worthy vessel, inspired by the ideas of Cesar Jung-Harada, at ArtScience Museum’s lily ponds. Utilising provided modular technology and everyday materials, tap on your creativity and craft your own boat of the future. 22 Apr Participate in Cesar’s ongoing projects – Indigenous Future Outrigger and Ocean Solar Hydrogen. Build […]

“Enfantillages” a concert by Aldebert Aldeber

“Enfantillages” a concert by Aldebert Aldebert, the famous French singer of modern children’s tunes, travels to Singapore for an intimate yet energetic version of “Enfantillages”! He will be accompanied by Christophe Darlot and Hubert Harel, both multi-instrumentalist musicians. As a key singer in France, Aldebert gathered more than 300,000 spectators on his last tour, with […]