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Music Matters Live is back for its 2022 Edition

Music Matters Live is back for its 2022 Edition Music Matters Live 2022, the music festival that runs alongside the All That Matters entertainment industry conference, runs for 6 nights from this week, Friday 23 – 28 September. Jasper Donat, Owner and CEO of Branded – ”Music Matters is back and we’re thrilled to be presenting so […]

Jean-Marc Luisada Piano Recital at Victoria Concert Hall

Be mesmerised by 3 piano concerts by 3 amazing international world-class pianists: Jean-Marc Luisada from France, Congyu Wang from Singapore and Hayato Sumino “Cateen” from Japan. The Piano Series titled “French Piano Series” showcases French piano music in the iconic venue Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore. Featuring pieces by Chopin, Liszt, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Brahms, […]


Rediscover the pleasure of live performances at Alliance Française de Singapour and celebrate International Music Day! On 21 June, French pop band TÖMTOM will bring their joy and energy in Alliance Française ’s theatre with their new concept, where music meets cinema!   Synchronized with a screen, the duo adapts songs created for French cinema: Un […]


“Millefeuilles” is a magical experience comprising an art installation and performance, during which audiences discover and explore scenery in a dark room on their own with a flashlight. A whole world of paper sculpture in various sizes—placed on the ground or suspended—is revealed through projected shadows created by the simple light source.   When a […]

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, baroque music concert

Sing’Baroque et Red Dot Baroque present the concert « Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre » at Victoria Concert Hall on 17 May. Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre was a remarkable female composer of the Baroque, a woman whose talents in composition and performance alike were second to no man. In this concert of mostly (if not all) […]

The Salon of Princesse de Polignac

2022 marks the 100th death anniversary of the great French novelist Marcel Proust. Known for his seven-volume novel “À la recherche du temps perdu” (In Search of Lost Time) that features countless references to composers before and of his time – it was in fact at the Parisian music salon of Princesse de Polignac where […]

“Notre-Dame” at Alliance Française

Alliance Française de Singapour unveils their new “French Excellence” programme, “Notre-Dame” exactly three years after the fire that partially ravaged the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. This new programme includes four talks, three exhibitions, two film screenings, a musical and much more. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of “Paris Banks of the Seine”, Notre-Dame is […]