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Footprint 2

INNOVATIVE (ECOLOGICAL) SOLUTIONS Footprint was first exhibited at the Paris Town Hall in 2015 during the COP21 which led to the Paris Agreement. Produced by a collective of journalists named Argos, this exhibition showcases innovative ecological solutions by citizens all over the world. Argos met these men and women who have taken the initiative to […]


Livelyyy And Extra Ordinary

BY GUILLAUMIT AND MARY BERNADETTE LEE Step into a different universe as two interactive wall murals – Livelyyy by French artist Guillaumit and Extra Ordinary by Singapore-based artist Mary Bernadette Lee – come to life with augmented reality. Immerse yourself in reimagined landscapes inspired by natural wonders nestled in the neighbourhoods of Singapore and France. […]


Diard & Duvaucel Featured

FRENCH NATURAL HISTORY DRAWINGS OF SINGAPORE AND SOUTHEAST ASIA Rediscovered at the Embassy of France’s initiative and brought to the public’s attention in 2019, the book Diard & Duvaucel published by the Embassy and partners compiles together a precious collection of intricate illustrations made by two intrepid French naturalists, Pierre-Médard Diard and Alfred Duvaucel (and […]


Oh My Island In The Sun

GROUP EXHIBITION BY EDDIE BOTHA, EMI AVORA, CHRISTIAN LUKEY, GILLES MASSOT, ANDY YANG Oh My Island in the Sun is a group exhibition by Eddie Botha, Emi Avora, Christian Lukey, Gilles Massot, Andy Yang. It encompasses a selection of paintings and photographs inspired by and celebrating Singapore’s identity through artists’ eyes. These artworks have in […]


Golden Milk (2020) Ld Nw

25 NOV: 6 – 10 PM 26, 27 & 28 NOV: 2 – 8PM A GLIMPSE OF SINGAPORE’S CELEBRATIONS AND TRADITIONS The exhibition Ritual Singapore presents street photographs that offer insights into the various religious and cultural practices in Singapore. In particular, the photos capture diverse rituals and festivals that reveal a visceral connection to […]