Generation Equality

23 MARCH - 4PM Facebook Live - @voilahsg
Generation Equality 0

Actualising Gender Equality

Over 25 years after the Beijing Women’s Conference, gender equality is still a struggle. Gender-based violence, economic and climate injustice, violations of sexual and reproductive rights remain widespread. In the meantime, feminist movements and innovation create new opportunities to step up collectively the fight for gender equality. A bold feminist agenda is needed to catalyze collective action, spark conversations among generations, drive increased public and private investment and deliver concrete, game-changing results. This online panel will look at ways to actualise gender equality by bringing together governments, the private sector and civil society.

Admission: Free programme

Moderator: Dr Jacqueline Tilley, Research Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies


  • Ambassador Delphine O, Secretary-General, Generation Equality Forum
  • Junie Foo, President, Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations
  • Sandhya Devanathan, Managing Director, Global Gaming APAC at Facebook
  • Dr Juliana Chan, CEO & Publisher, Wildtype Media Group


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