Launching of the France Excellence Programme

France is the second host country in Europe for Singaporean students with around 500 young people studying in France. However, this mobility is today much focused on the fields of management, political sciences, liberal arts and cooking. France-Singapore Year of Innovation 2018 was a great success, with over sixty events organized in Singapore and France, and it has provided a new impetus to the bilateral relationship. Several agreements were signed this year between our two countries in order to strengthen cooperation in the fields of artificial intelligence, circular economy, digital innovation, Internet governance and cybersecurity.

To support those agreements, the promotion of an innovative France, technologically advanced in the fields of aeronautics, transport, software, health and sustainable development should be reinforced towards students and universities in Singapore. Furthermore, Singapore is the leading destination for French investment in South-East Asia with more than 750 French companies established, generally with a regional headquarter.

In this framework we want to propose a scholarship programme co-financed by French companies and the Embassy of France “France Excellence Programme”, to attract more Singaporean students to science and engineering programmes in France. Upon their return, they should be able to join the French companies present in Singapore who are looking for talents having acquired skills “à la française”.


Programme Guidelines

Eligibility criteria

1. The programme targets 3rd and 4th year undergraduate (Bachelor level) and graduate students (Master
Updated on 25 February 2019
2. The internships have to last between 3 and 6 months.
3. Only English proficiency is required.
4. The internships are opened to students from any nationalities registered in Singaporeans higher education
5. The internship’s theme can concern any fields but science and engineering will be privileged for the
support given by the Embassy of France.
6. The internships have to be carried out in a French company.
7. The internships can take place in any countries where the French company has activities.

Cost sharing

8. The Embassy of France will fund the plane tickets only for the internships carried out in France.
9. The Embassy of France will take in charge the health insurance coverage to cover any medical emergency
for the total duration of the internship only for the internships carried out in France.
10. The Embassy of France will take in charge the internship visa for the students and will facilitate the visa
process only for the internships carried out in France.
11. The French company will provide monthly stipend to the student during his internship of a minimum of
577.50 €/month (≈885 SGD) according to the French Law when the internship takes place in France.
There is no maximum and the exact amount of the monthly stipend is determined by the French company.
12. Partnering higher education institutions from Singapore are free to offer a supplementary support to the
13. All the remaining costs are at the charge of the student.

Programme management

14. The Embassy of France will be responsible for the management of the “France Excellence” programme
application platform.
15. After the student application is accepted by the Embassy of France and the French Company, Campus
France, a French public organisation attached to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, will
be in charge of the logistic part of the scholarship (plane tickets, health insurance coverage, help for
accommodation, etc.).
16. The Embassy of France keeps the right to reject any student application or offered internship through the
“France Excellence” programme platform.



1. 11 April: All the internship offers are posted on NUS and NTU platforms

The Embassy of France will verify and submit the internship offers to NUS and NTU which will post them on their own platform.

All the internship offers will have to be posted by 5 April.

2. 8th May: Sending application to the companies

French Embassy starts sending application to the companies.

3. 20 May: Companies must have selected their applicants

Companies will have until 20 May to select their applicants.The application process are still opened until the 20th of May but can be refused by the companies if the student apply too late.

4. 27 May: Students must have confirmed their engagement to the program

 Once the Company has selected the applicants and notified them to the Embassy of France, students will have until 27 May to accept the offers via the system.

If the internship is carried out in France, the application will be sent to Campus France which is a French public organization attached to the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. Campus France will be in charge of the logistic part of the scholarship (plane tickets, health insurance coverage, help for accommodation, etc.).

5. From July: Beginning of the internships

First internships will start beginning of July.