Ciné-Kid – Le vent dans les roseaux (The wind in the reeds)

Directors: Nicolas Liguori, Anaïs Sorrentino, Rémi Durin, Madina Iskhakova, Arnaud Demuynck

France – 62 min

Eliette, aged 8, lives in a country where music has been banned by the king. A wandering minstrel from the East has his instruments confiscated. He is not the sort of person to like being told what to do. He makes friends with Eliette, who has made a flute from a wild reed in secret. Together, they will lead the people in a rebellion against the king’s tyranny.

Eliette’s story sets the stage for the five tales that comprise “The Wind in the Reeds”, told to the children by the Cinema Owl. The stories explore the theme of freedom, and are complete with original musical scores, astonishing heroines and wonderful graphics.

Snacks will be served at 4pm, screening 4.30pm

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