The Arts House, Living Room
1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429

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09 Nov 2019


05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

Ruling the galaxy

Victor Dixen | Singapore Writers Festival

Featuring also Boey Meihan and Victor Fernando R Ocampo.

When writing about intergalactic empires and space adventures, to what extent do writers need to be mindful of scientific plausibility? Should they abide by space travel rules at all? Three writers discuss why they’ve chosen to set their stories in space and how they’ve imagined an entire interstellar universe.

Of Danish and French origins, Victor Dixen is the author of three series for young adults. Having suffered his whole life from insomnia, Dixen takes advantage of these sleepless nights to get inspiration, as he says “they are my muses.”

The annual Singapore Writers Festival (SWF) returns from 1st to 10th November with the theme “A Language of Our Own”. This year’s festival seeks to explore the role of language in the formation of identities and communities through panel discussions, workshops, performances, films and talks featuring writers and speakers.

Festival Pass: $25