The Rock’s Clown with Hossan Leong and Jean Lambert-Wild

The Rock’s Clown presents a mix of poetry, humour and circus, portraying Jean Lambert-Wild’s clown through the mythical character of Sisyphus. The Scarbaeidae, more commonly known as a dung beetle – a solitary insect, dung roller, astronomer, and relentless worker – is the ideal Sisyphus of this tale.

With a script by Catherine Lefeuvre, translated by Marc Goldberg, don’t miss the Asian premiere of this unique outdoor performance – featuring Singaporean actor Hossan Leong, alongside Jean Lambert-Wild in his iconic role as the clown and Martin Palisse as a juggler – as they swim and jest in and around Gardens by the Bay’s Dragonfly Lake.

Text: Catherine Lefeuvre
Translation: Marc Goldberg
With Hossan Leong, Jean Lambert-wild, Martin Palisse & Marc Goldberg

Costumes: Annick Serret
Seamstress: Noémie Laurioux
Music: Jean-Luc Therminarias
Production coordinator: Claire Seguin

All photos © Tristan Jeanne-Valès

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