Directed by Samuel Tourneux

Cast: Damien Frette, Julien Crampon, Kaycie Chase

Runtime: 82 min

Rating: PG

Genre: Animation

Movie in English

Around The World In 80 Days Digital Poster (fff 2021)

Alliance Française
14 NOV – 2PM
27 NOV – 11AM

Shaw Theatres Lido
13 NOV – 11AM
21 NOV – 10.20AM
28 NOV – 11AM

Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter
14 NOV – 10AM
20 NOV – 11.10AM
27 NOV – 1.40PM

Passepartout is a young and scholarly marmoset who dreams of becoming an explorer. One day, he crosses paths with Phileas, a reckless and greedy frog eager to take on a bet to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days and earn 10 million clams in the process. Seizing the opportunity of a lifetime to explore the world, Passepartout embarks with his new friend on a crazy and exhilarating adventure full of twists and surprises.

The movie will be commercially released at Shaw Theatres on 13 January 2022.


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