Directed by Nicolas Bedos

Cast: Jean Dujardin, Pierre Niney, Fatou N’diaye, Wladimir Yordanoff, Ricky Tribord

Runtime: 116 min

Rating: R21 (Sexual Scenes)

Genre: Comedy

From Africa With Love Digital Poster(fff 2021)

Alliance Française
18 NOV – 9.30PM
21 NOV – 9.30PM

Shaw Theatres Lido
11 NOV – 9.45PM
14 NOV – 6.20PM
18 NOV – 6.40PM
28 NOV – 6.40PM

Shaw Theatres Paya Lebar Quarter
11 NOV – 9.15PM
13 NOV – 6.30PM
14 NOV – 6.30PM
20 NOV – 9.30PM
22 NOV – 6.10PM
25 NOV – 9.15PM
26 NOV – 12.20PM
27 NOV – 12.20PM


1981. The world has changed since the last adventures of OSS 117, France’s finest secret agent. Feminism is gaining ground, computer technology is developing… and Communists lurk everywhere. In the midst of all this tumult, France sends its top spy to Africa to help out President Bamba, whose re-election is threatened by rebels led covertly by his young wife! This mission is trickier, more treacherous, and more torrid than ever. And OSS 117 must, for the first time, team up with a young rival with considerable assets: the up-and-coming OSS 1001. Replacement, partner or competitor?

The movie will be commercially released at Shaw Theatres on 20 January 2022.



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