A website to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the school

École Polytechnique reveals a website dedicated to its 225th anniversary. Launched on March 11, 2019, this website highlights l’X in “225 short tales”, presenting key events of its history, its heritage, illustrious alumni, philanthropists, research, teaching and innovation, and scientific subjects on wich the school is at the forefront.

20 alumni among the top 200 leaders of tomorrow

20 École polytechnique alumni have been chosen by the Institut Choiseul in its annual ranking of the top 200 young French economic leaders, with 10 of them appearing in the top 100 of the list.

Computer science: start-ups at l’X are breaking all the codes

Two companies launched by École polytechnique graduates have each set off on a journey through code, offering specialized courses and reinventing the uses of computer programming.

Paris Saint-Germain and l’X launch a data challenge about sports

Paris Saint-Germain and École Polytechnique launch the “Sports Analytics Challenge“, an elite project that invites candidates from all over the world to take part in a data science and sports perfomance challenge.

A cooperation agreement with King’s College London

On February 20th, King’s College London and  École Polytechnique signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Education and Research. This cooperation agreement formalised existing projects.