After Lab with Annu Jalais: Making Ethnographic Sense Of Beasts, People Wild Environment

On 14 October (Thu), at 5pm, French Lab Singapore is inviting, for its new casual meeting titled After Lab,  Annu Jalais, a Singapore-based environmental anthropologist.


Annu Jalais is Assistant Professor at the South Asian Studies and Comparative Asian Studies Department of the National University of Singapore. Her interdisciplinary research and teaching experience focuses on the human-nonhuman interface, environment, and climate change, religious identity and migration, caste, and social justice.


Her primary region of specialization is South Asia, specifically Bangladesh and India, and her secondary zone of interest encompasses Southeast Asia and China, especially around Indian Ocean exchanges in the religious and cultural realms.


She is the author of two books and a few articles and she is currently collaborating with artists, scholars and Sundarbans islanders on developing two projects: the “Southern Collective” and the “Asian Bestiary”.


Please register HERE for the virtual event!