AfterLab by Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard: “The Climate Fresk and the IPCC: an introduction”

On Thursday 22 September 7.00 pm, the French Lab will be holding their monthly casual meeting referred to as the AfterLab with Thibaut Meurgue-Guyard, Co-Founder of Found & Seek and IT Sustainability Consultant. This AfterLab will take place at the bar “The Good Beer Company” instead of the usual embassy. The talk starts at 7 pm, followed by discussions around a few drinks. This event is also happening in parallel to the broader “Climate Action Week” organised by Singapore from the 19th-25th of September.

Thibaut is the co-founder of Found & Seek, a startup enabling organizations to better manage their tangible assets along the circular economy. Their platform comes with a sharing platform to optimise equipment utilisation rates and sustainability reports to assess the impact of operations on the planet. They also work on a repurpose/resell/lease platform for companies to get rid of their surplus in a responsible way.

Thibaut is also a trainer/speaker about IT sustainability to help companies understand the impact of New Tech on the planet.

For this After Lab, Thibaut will present the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) as well as the « The Climate Fresk », a science-based workshop that aims to educate and raise awareness about climate change worldwide.

Based on the IPCC report, the workshop explains how and why the climate changes at the current pace and the consequences of its disruption. It allows participants to learn a lot in a very short time for both novices and experts.

For this AfterLab, the workshop will be presented and a short “teaser” hands-on will take place so that participants can get an idea of the full usual 3 hours workshop.

Members and non-members feel free to join us!

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