AfterLab with Adrien Nortain: sustainable IT, towards a new culture

On 20 January, the French Lab Singapore held their monthly casual meeting referred to as the ‘AfterLab’ by welcoming Adrien Nortain, CTO at Zenika. The guest speaker used to be a trainer on Green IT and Ecodesign back in 2017 and has since been advocating better practices in each of his current professional assignments.

During his talk, Adrien Nortain introduced and opened up about ‘Sustainable IT’. With an online audience of roughly 50 attendees, he explored why a strong culture, driven by sustainability topics, will become necessary for all IT departments in the near future.

Indeed, he described the field of IT as one that is moving fast and whose environmental footprint has become increasingly tangible in the past few years. With many companies already starting to tackle these issues, others can and should learn from their successes and failures.

The main takeaway message from Adrien Nortain’s AfterLab resides in the pivotal role of creating a new sustainable work culture around IT in today’s industry to keep the sector afloat.


French Lab Singapore is a joint initiative by CNRS, Ambassade de France and French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore :