On 14 April 2022, at 5.00pm, the French Lab Singapore will be holding its monthly casual meeting referred to as the “AfterLab” featuring Prof Claude Guet, Visiting Professor at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Nanyang Technological University Singapore and Programme Director for Research & Students at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERIAN).


How can fusion technology pave the way forward? Why is Singapore, and especially Temasek, investing on the subject?


Climate change requires massive efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and progressively ban fossil fuel burning. Paradoxically, the need for electricity is expected to grow substantially. Renewable energy increasingly contributes to carbon-free electricity production; however because of intermittency and limited storage technologies a carbon-free baseload is highly desirable.


Nuclear fusion, a safe and potentially unlimited energy source, could provide the solution earlier than initially thought. In this conference, Prof Claude Guet shall introduce the basics of nuclear fusion, a layman view of the complex behavior of magnetized plasma at a temperature of about 150 million C surrounded by cold walls, the past achievements, the present efforts with the ITER project, and the prospects for future production of electricity.


This AfterLab will be one of the first hybrid events of the French Lab Singapore. Therefore participants are welcome to choose between in-person or digital tickets. As there are limited seating spots to respect and comply with safe management guidelines, hence physical attendance tickets will be sent out on a first come first served basis only.


Register here to get your ticket.


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