On Thursday 9 June at 5pm, The French Lab Singapore will be holding its monthly casual meeting referred to as the ‘AfterLab’ with Dr Richard Le Boucher, Research Director of Precision Aquaculture Department in Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory.

As a major source of food production, the aquaculture industry requires innovations that can rapidly be used by farmers. These new solutions must be compatible with the rapid human population growth, the global resources depletion and the socio-economic sustainability of farms. Finally, biological specific features of animals used in aquaculture form another level of constraints in the innovation process. Exploring examples in nutrition, genetics or reproduction, this talk is a overview of this complex equation.

Dr Richard Le Boucher conducts research on Nutrition, Genetics, Production Systems and Farming Economics. He is the Director of Commercial Strategy Aquaculture Department which collaborates with farmers, start-ups and investors.

Before joining Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory in March 2020, Dr Le Boucher spent 15 years leading R&D aquaculture projects (Chile, Norway, France, USA, Thailand, China), developing and marketing innovative products related to nutrition, farm automation, genetics and reproduction. He obtained his Ph.D. in Genetics and Nutrition from AgroParisTech, an MBA from École des Ponts ParisTech and an Agronome Engineer’s Degree in Aquaculture from ENSAR.

After creating the start-up Genotop in 2013, Dr Le Boucher became Disruptive Innovation Manager in the IMV Technologies Group in 2014 and director of Marketing company Aquattaq in 2019. A food lover, Dr Le Boucher dedicated his career to transfer ideas into viable businesses, implementing research and training programs in more than 60 aquaculture farms in 25 countries.

This AfterLab will be a hybrid event. Therefore participants are welcome to choose between in-person or digital tickets. As there are limited seating spots to respect and comply with safe management guidelines, hence physical attendance tickets will be sent out on a first come first served basis only. Members and non-members feel free to join us!

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