ARCHITECTURE: A Day in the Life of Le Corbusier

Following the success of the “Nureyev on Stage” exhibition and in tribute to one of the pioneers of modern architecture, Alliance Française de Singapour presents “ARCHITECTURE: A Day in the Life of Le Corbusier”, in conjunction with Archifest 2021. On display from 1 to 30 October 2021, the exhibition is part of the ongoing “”French Excellence programme, which objective is to share the best of French culture within the local community.


“ARCHITECTURE: A Day in the Life of Le Corbusier” will showcase 38 models of Le Corbusier iconic buildings, furniture, as well as original prints. Throughout the exhibition, a series of talks will further encourage dialogue and help to develop deeper understanding of the legacy of the Swiss-French architect in Singapore’s urban development.


Le Corbusier is a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and an internationally recognised luminary. With 17 of his buildings classified in the UNESCO World Heritage List, he is known for his profound impact on the 20th century. His “Cité Radieuse” (The Radiant City) marked a break with the contemporary city by abandoning its class-based system, housing being now assigned according to family size, not economic position.


In our new normal with the pandemic, the ideas of Le Corbusier offer opportunities for reflection. His vision opens a path to looking at our own living spaces in Singapore in the 21st century where we seek new ways to create a safe and healthy environment for us all.


Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Alliance Française de Singapour will be hosting a dynamic series of talks and screenings, bringing together some of the greatest talents in Singapore’s architecture scene to enhance the cultural exchange. Highlights include a conference with Dr Liu Thai Kher, renowned architect and urban planner, and Erwin Viray, (Singapore University of Technology and Design) as they unravel Le Corbusier’s philosophy of architecture and living through the lens of Singapore’s urban redevelopment initiatives; films and documentaries about the critically-acclaimed architect; and a conference on Le Corbusier legacy with talented architects Rene Tan, Manuel Der Hagopian and Maria Boey.


The full schedule can be accessed here and will be continually updated throughout the coming weeks.


Information on booking tickets here.