Excellence Major – Scholarship programme

  • What is it?

The Excellence Major scholarship programme is part of the French influence policy abroad and more specifically in the promotion action of French higher education. It enables indeed, the best international bachelor’s holders from French establishments abroad to get an administrative, financial and pedagogical support to pursue their high-level studies in France.

Excellence = key selection criterion

The scholarship Excellence-Major is allocated for 5 years maximum and finance the studies until the Master 2 or an equivalent level. It includes three scholarship amounts allocated according to the family incomes:

– Grant at the beginning of the school year: 500 euros per school year
– Grant level 1: 222 euros per month
– Grant level 2: 685 euros per month

  • Who can apply?

Eligibility criteria:

– I am an international student and I don’t have the French nationality
– I am in graduating class (Terminale) in a French high school abroad (see the list here)
– I have an excellent academic record (based on the high class and graduating class results – Première and Terminale)
– I have a study project for the French higher education in a course which delivers a degree recognized by the French State (university, preparatory class…) until the level Master 2
– I have a true motivation and good capacities to adapt
– I got the honours “Très bien” or “Bien” at my baccalaureate

  • How to apply?

From September to February
Identification of the candidates to the scholarship Excellence-Major by the pedagogical team of the French High School

Constitution of the application form composed of the high-class’ (Première) and graduating class’ (Terminale) school reports, a motivation letter and a resume.

Evaluation of the candidates by a commission reuniting the AEFE and experts representing branches of the French higher education.
Selection only based on academic results, the study project and the motivation without the conditions of financial resources or geographical origin.

Definitive attribution of the scholarship to the selected candidates under the condition of the obtention of the honors “Très Bien”or “Bien” at the Baccalaureate such as the inscription confirmation of a French institution.

For more information, please read the brochure or go on the official website of the AEFE.