A part of the Francophonie Festival 2022, Science Centre Singapore will be collaborating with the Embassy of France in Singapore to host hybrid panel discussions.

Join the hybrid panel discussion #2 “Complementarity and Grid Integration of Renewable Energies” on 17 March 2022 from 4:30pm – 6:00pm.

Renewable energy has been at the centre of energy transition discussions worldwide as a means to tackle climate change. However, as most renewable energies are intermittent sources of energies (such as solar and wind power), their large-scale adoption and integration in energy grids have proven to be a challenge.

Various solutions such as hydrogen are being tested to overcome the challenges posed by grid integration. Emerging low-carbon alternatives and carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies are also incorporated in transition plans – such as Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 – to lower the carbon footprint of our energy systems.

Welcoming international experts, this panel will discuss global challenges for the future of energy production and consumption as well as how concrete initiatives provide valuable feedback on the way towards cleaner energy sources and energy efficiency.

Participants may attend the panel in-person by signing up here and get a complimentary admission to the Science Centre Singapore for the PM session on the day of the conference or join it online here on FB Live.