Francophonie solidarity for online educational resources

The current covid-19 crisis highlights the need for the tens of millions of children currently confined in their homes to pursue their education.

Worldwide, more than 110 countries closed their schools. This is why ensuring educational continuity and make sure no child is left behind is a major challenge.

French Minister of Education and Youth, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and Secretary-General of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), Louise Mushikiwabo, are addressing their message of support to the educative community and taking steps.

In France, the platform My class at home set up by CNED, English for school or Jules, a chatbot for middle school students who answers all their questions about the mathematics, French language and history/geography programmes, are a few examples of initiatives being put in place.

Worldwide, OIF members are also pooling resources to make sure children can keep learning during these difficult times. A vast choice of resources in French can be found on the Francophonie website: resources from France, but also Senegal, Morocco, Canada and many other francophone countries.

Television channels such as RFI and TV5 Monde are also now broadcasting educational contents for all school levels.

The implementation of support for teachers to facilitate distance learning in French-speaking countries is also part of the international answer to this major crisis.

Photo ©Sénat/S.Kerlidou