DYCLAM+ (Dynamics of Cultural Landscapes Heritage Memory and conflictualities) aims to educate within 2 years (120 ECTS) experts and managers on restoration activities, sustainable exploitation, valorisation and numerical mediation of heritage and cultural landscapes. They will be able to understand the complexity of heritage issues (conflicts of interest, overexploitation of cultural sites, ideological and geopolitical manipulation, war…).
This study programme meets the needs that are identified by the European Union, the UNESCO, international agencies and local communities. Moreover, by its scientific and technical content, its innovative methodology, its team of high-level lecturers, and its multidisciplinary spirit, Dyclam aims to educate adaptable and operational practitioners, with a high potential of employability.

This Master grants a mobility scheme between the University of Jean Monnet in France for the 1st semester, the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar in Portugal for the 2nd semester, and the University of Babes Bolyai in Romania for 3rd semester. Furthermore, for the 4th semester, students have the choice whether to join the University of Federico II in Italy or to join one of the associated partners, who come from 14 academic institutions from 13 countries (Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Haiti, Japan, the Netherlands, Senegal, Spain, the United States) and 10 territorial actors of development and heritage protection (Blue Shield , CUECB, ICONEM, Institute Terra e Memoria, Herity international, CCIA Sibiu, Edinburgh World Heritage, Boquilobo National Park, the city of Firminy, and the UNESCO Chair on territorial cultural management) .

The Master’s capacity can go up to 30 students per year. Granting a Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) in Planning, Urbanism, Humanities, Architecture, Engineering, Design, Art, Political Sciences, and Law. The teaching major language is French. DYCLAM+ delivers a joint degree of 3 national diplomas from each country. In addition, depending on the mobility path on the 4th semester, whether the student can receive an Italian diploma or a certificate from the hosting associated partner.


The Statement of the director of DYCLAM +, Robert BELOT

“It is an honour to receive the decision of the European Commission who officially recognized this Erasmus Mundus Master. This education programme is unique in Europe.

The history of global awareness and its importance today represents the cultural heritage in various axes: sociological, economical, technological, archaeological, diplomatic and symbolic importance.

The Globalization, the emergence of a global middle class, is an intensification of transnational human mobility and the increase of tourism which have been a determining factor in the development of heritage culture. Never before that the international community has been so mobilized on this new geopolitical issue that it has become Heritage.

Nevertheless, only four examples could be cited which can make news: restitution of ill-gotten cultural property or reconstruction of destroyed property; the negative impact of mass tourism on cities and heritage sites; conflicts of memories and uses; the effects of the digital revolution in the cultural field.

To meet this challenge, the consortium members (Italy, Portugal, Romania, France) created a network of associated partners representing 14 academic institutions from 14 countries. They also formed a team that was both interdisciplinary and international, ranging from academic to professional persons.

This team has a motto: Excellence, Openness, Innovation.
They have one goal: to promote a shared, responsible and sustainable heritage.
Their mission is: to welcome you!

Heritage, today more than ever, is a “story of the future”.