Parenting: A Wonderful (Yet Challenging) Experience

La Petite Ecole, bilingual nurseries, preschools and elementary schools in South East Asia, publishes a weekly newsletter on a specific aspect of the development of the child, and his/her general well-being. La Petite Ecole also organises regular Parents’ Coffee Talks (parents from LPE only) on various topics and trains its pedagogical team all year long. Better understanding the child and his/her neurological, physical and emotional development is a prerequisite to effectively helping him/her grow into a happy individual.

The education of our children is very important to us; their happiness and their development is a major concern for all.

However, we sometimes find ourselves helpless in front of these small beings, because the job of parenting can sometimes be taxing, both physically and emotionally. Nowadays, research and different educational methods are popping up everywhere. Some complement each other, others contradict each other.

So how do you know if you are doing too much or not enough? How to identify if our educational actions are well considered and grounded or is it just a subconscious reproduction of the known educational model? How do we recognise and identify our needs and those of our children? Is there a path between laxity and constraint? What does being a “benevolent” parent mean? Am I a permissive parent?

There is a willingness to do well, but what is it that sometimes prevents us from behaving the way we would like to in front of our children?

All these questions are legitimate and it is important to ask them without feeling guilty. Indeed, being a parent is a wonderful adventure during which you have to accept to learn, learn about both yourself and your child.

This school year, through our newsletter, we will be asking ourselves questions on different educational topics, while keeping a tolerant attitude towards ourselves.

As you read these newsletters and La Petite Ecole’s recommended books, please bear in mind that there is no perfect parent, but it is never too late to change. Children react very quickly to our changes in attitude.

There is always time to remodel the relationship with your child.

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