• WHAT ?

The programme funds scholarships in relevant subjects (history, philosophy, theology, etc.), in priority at master’s and doctoral levels, or at bachelor’s level depending on the quality of the files.

  • WHO?

The scholarship program is open to both future religious leaders who are expected to practice responsibilities within a religious institution and for students with a science study project directly and clearly related to religious sciences.


These scholarships are for students:

French-speaking. For students who would like to devote a preparatory period in France in order to to improve in French, the application for a scholarship must be made before the departure of the student. These cases will be justified by the position and the religious leader, if the candidate depends on an authority or a religious community. At the end of the selection process, if the application is selected, the funding for this preparatory period will not be provided by the Department.

nationals of all countries, except those of the European Union and North America.

All religions without exception are concerned. In 2019, candidates can apply for long or short scholarships.

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