Week of Press and Media in School – TV5MONDE

On the occasion of the 30th Week of Press and Media in School (Semaine de la presse et des médias dans l’école) from March 18th to 23th 2019, an event coordinated each year by CLEMI (Centre pour l’éducation aux médias et à l’information), TV5MONDE is committed to ensure that young people learn to better understand the media and develop a critical view of information.

Meetings with journalists and media workshops

As every year, TV5MONDE journalists meet students and speak in their classes. Editors-in-chief, JRI, sound engineer, cameraman, director, etc. answer questions, explain their profession and share their experience as an information professional.
Frantz Vaillant, journalist and editor-in-chief at TV5MONDE, also led a media workshop with a class of high school students from Asnières. Over several sessions, the students had to confront the stages of making a report: writing conference, shooting, image selection, editing…
At the end of this workshop, a visit to TV5MONDE’s premises allowed the students to discover the workings of a television channel.