Call for Projects! Mobile Film Festival – Women’s Empowerment

Founded in 2005, the Mobile Film Festival (MFF) is an international festival of short-length movies, based on one simple principle: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

The aim is to discover, support and accompany worldwide talents to become tomorrow’s directors.

The mobile phone is the choice of equipment as it effectively removes all economic constraints and enables everyone to participate in the same conditions. The use of the same technology by all participants, moreover an accessible material, gives a democratic and equalitarian aspect to the festival at an international scale.

The MFF is a 100% digital festival, thus aiming at reaching the largest audience. Yet, its short and creative format, as well as the technical quality of the films, enables a broadcasting of the films on all screens: smartphones, computers, TVs, cinema theatres, etc.

Over the last four years, MFF has held 5 international editions and received 4,000 film entries from 132 countries, achieving 78 million views and giving out €229,000 in prizes!

The theme for this year’s edition is Women’s Empowerment.

Through this theme, the organisers want to address feminist issues in a positive, constructive and activist way: “The questions could be specific to your country, your culture, your religion; they could concern the family, professional or intimate universe; they could denounce unacceptable situations that are still too present, but they could also propose concrete actions to improve the situation; they could be global or local and above all, they could highlight the feminist fights everywhere in the world in the search for real equality.” Bruno Smadja, founder of the Mobile Film Festival.

Production grants of total amount of 40,000  will be awarded!

Deadline to submit your films: 20 October 2020

More information on how to participate HERE