Catch French co-production AT ETERNITY’S GATE at Shaw Theatres!

The film is set in France and features the final moments of the life of renowned painter Vincent van Gogh. This poignant US-French-UK production, featuring Academy Award nominee Willen Dafoe, Mads Mikkelsen, Mathieu Amalric and Oscar Isaac, will be released on 7th March 2019 at Shaw Theatres.

Directed by: Julian Schnabel
Starring: Willem Dafoe, Rupert Friend, Oscar Isaac, Mads Mikkelsen, Mathieu Amalric, Emmanuelle Seigner
Genre: Biography, Drama
Runtime 112 minutes
Language English

In the villages of Arles and Auvers-sur-Oise where he has retreated to escape the pressures of Paris, Vincent (Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe) is treated kindly by some and brutally by others. Madame Ginoux (Emmanuelle Seigner), the proprietor of the local restaurant, takes pity on his poverty and gives him a ledger, which he fills with drawings. Others are afraid of his dark mood swings. His close friend, fellow artist Paul Gauguin (Oscar Isaac), finds him so overwhelming he slips away, and his beloved brother and art dealer Theo (Rupert Friend) is unwavering in his support, but never manages to sell a single painting of Vincent’s.

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