Cédric Villani at GYSS 2022

Villani 2

During the Global Young Scientist Summit (GYSS) 2022, Prof Cédric Villani, Field Medallist and M.P. for Essonne, participated on two occasions.

Firstly, he took part in a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Governance, in which he presented with Prof Leslie Valiant, Prof Simon Chesterman, and moderator Prof Chan Heng Chee. They discussed the ethical, regulatory, and policy implications that arise from the development of AI. The speakers explained that much depends on knowing what is right from wrong and that while we try to determine the right, we have to keep in mind that humans have biases but machines don’t. On this note, Prof Valiant suggested that in the future, we will learn to trust decisions made by machines.


The second event was a lecture from Prof Villani on finding theorems and a career, where he spoke of his curiosity and passion for evolutionary biology, yet he became a mathematician, because “everything is based on reasoning… and Mathematics is the art of proof and reasoning.” He explained his role as a Member of Parliament in France, where he is attempting to bridge science and politics, and emphasized the fact that politics need science more than ever.


The Global Young Scientists Summit in Singapore brings together bright young researchers and top scientific minds from around the world to discuss science and technology trends, future game changers and how research could address major global challenges. It was started in 2013 with the objective of exciting and engaging young scientists to pursue their scientific dreams through close interactions with distinguished scientists and researchers, and with peers. The Summit provides a platform for conversations on science and research, technology innovation and society, and solutions to global challenges.


The GYSS is a multi-disciplinary summit that covers topics including chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, computer science and engineering.  Speakers at the Summit include recipients of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize and Turing Award.  The theme for the Summit is “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World”.  Promising young scientists will exchange ideas and knowledge with the speakers and their peers over four days under this theme.