COUTURE, a French Excellence Programme at Alliance Française de Singapour

Alliance Française de Singapour presents its first French Excellence Programme of 2024: COUTURE.

Discover this cultural programme, shedding light on one of France’s finest art: fashion. Dive deep in a universe of elegance and fine savoir-faire through a wide range of events,

screenings and workshops, allowing you to explore all the artistry and elegance defining French couture!

Visit their gallery to appreciate LA VESTE, an exclusive presentation featuring meticulously selected designer jackets from the esteemed collector David Tan.

Carefully curated by Leonard Augustine Choo, director of renowned Singapore Fashion Council, this exhibition not only highlights the craftsmanship of these garments but also

directs attention to the world-renowned creators behind these masterpieces: Givenchy, Balmain, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent…and many more to discover!

Do not miss this opportunity to celebrate the sophistication of designer fashion à la française!


From 17 January to 16 March 2024,