“Daguerreotypes” at the ArtScience Museum

The film “Daguerreotypes” (1975) by Agnes Varda, Palme d’Honneur at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, is presented at the ArtScience Museum as part of Archifest Singapore 2021.


Screening dates: 2, 16, 30 October and 6 November at 2pm.


Cast: Lucien Bossy, Leance Debrossian, Marcelle Debrossian, Robert François


Synopsis: What makes a neighbourhood? Diving into the kampung spirit of Paris’s rue Daguerre, Agnès Varda trains her curious auteur eye around her own neighbourhood where she had lived and worked in since the 1950s. Limited to within 90m of her own street (as far as a film cable can stretch) due to the recent birth of her infant son, Varda explores the street’s lifeblood: bakers, tailors, butchers, perfumers, hairdressers and others- who, between everyday rituals of their works, talk of their lives, relationships, hopes, dreams and fears.


Cleverly unveiling the inextricably link between self, space and people around us, Agnès Varda taps into her iconic lens of translating the mundane into poetic scenes of togetherness, transforming a humble street into a rich, kaleidoscopic world.

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