French artist Justine Emard featured at DigiMuse Presents

From 18 January to 17 February 2019, along with four other international artists, the artwork of Justine Emard, “Co(AI)xistence” will be featured at DigiMuse Presents, as part of the Singapore Art Week 2019. This artwork explores the interaction between dancer Mirai Moriyama and the robot Alter, whose minimal humanoid form allows for an emotional projection. Through a deep learning system, Alter learns from his encounter with Moriyama while both try to define new perspectives of coexistence.

The DigiMuse programme is an initiative by the National Museum of Singapore that seeks to build a vibrant cultural sector, as well as engage with the wider technology industry to encourage creative experimentation in cultural spaces. The programme invites artists, technologists and culture professionals to co-create projects and provide considered interventions that showcase the possibility of integrating culture and technology. This edition of DigiMuse Presents explores the coming together or art, culture and technology through the use of new creative tools such as immersive reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and many more.

More info here on the DigiMuse programme available here