The Graduate School of Engineering IMT Mines Albi provides a French Summer School which is a French-learning program.

It aims at providing you three keys aspects:

  1. Improve your French language skills
  2. French for Specific Purposes: Engineering
  3. Interculturality

From Colombia to IMT Mines Albi!

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What do we offer?


You will study in the ideal environment to improve your French.
Every week, you will follow 20 hours of French classes in small groups of around 10 people.
This useful approach will enable you to improve rapidly your French skills.


Every week we will propose you several activities aiming at make you discover the beauties of France.
Cultural visits and guide tours, sport activities, culinary tasting workshops will let you fall in love with Albi and its surroundings.


The French Summer School takes place during the months of July and August.
You can choose one of the following options, but we recommended you to participate during the whole period.

A.) Monday 1st July – Friday 23rd August 2019
B.) Monday 1st July – Friday 26th July 2019
C.) Monday 29th July – Friday 23rd August 2019

Life in Albi

During the French Summer School you will live in the beautiful city of Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage city.
IMT Mines Albi will provide you the accommodation on campus, near the city center. All the facilities of the school will be available for all your needs.

At only 15 minutes from the center of Albi, you can move around the city by bike or bus and enjoy your new French life.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Application opens April 4th