How far will you go with the French language?


A global digital campaign to promote the learning of French language was launched on 21 September. This innovative approach called “How far will you go with the French language?” is conducted entirely via social media.

#plusloin aims to promote the use of the French language among young people aged 18 to 25 years from all over the world and proposes, thanks to the French language, to go #plusloin (further) in our own studies, life experience, dreams, travels and professional career.

The campaign illustrates in particular the journey of personalities and talents who have learned French, such as the actress Jane Birkin and the choreographer Blanca Li as well as many young international influencers, with the aim of create a global community of francophone talents, all backgrounds and origins, and to promote exchanges in French.

The initiative follows in particular the two objectives:

  • Demonstrate that the French language is, on an international scale, a modern language, a language of openness and professional opportunities.
  • Deepen relations between the French cultural network abroad and young people in order to help them develop their language skills and their chances of professional success at national and international level.

In line with the overall plan of the President of the Republic of France in favor of the French language and multilingualism, #plusloin aims to place the French language in an open and plural perspective, by promoting the diversity and dynamism of the French-speaking world.

The campaign is implemented by Institut français (Paris) with the French cultural network abroad (Embassies, Instituts français and Alliances françaises) as well as the Fondation des Alliances Françaises, France Médias Monde and TV5 Monde.