How to Best Accompany Children In Their Explorations


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How to guide the children in their discovery of the world without holding them back?

When a parent guides his child, awakening him to the world around, to its beauty, encouraging him to explore and discover, the parent also helps promote his pleasure to live and grow. 

To instill in the child the desire to live by making him discover exciting aspects of life is a priceless treasure in his present and future life.

The child will then know how to live life with happiness by giving it sense despite any hardships.

The role of the adult is to guide, not to hinder, this precious power of life. This power disconcerts and frequently confuses, which then instills fear in the adult, and causes one to hold the child back.

Out of fear, many adults tell their child from a very young age: “Do not go. It’s dangerous”, “Be careful, you’ll fall!”. The curious child who wishes to explore would then be inhibited by the adult’s fear and eventually becomes a person with many fears.

On the contrary, if the adult tells him: “You can see it’s slippery, so go ahead but be careful”,

the child would be  encouraged to undertake and overcome his fears, while being cautious. The words “go” and “pay attention”guide and support the child in his desire to explore by himself, excites him to discover and experience, while raising his awareness of the potential dangers. 

Encouraging discovery from an early age helps the child become a thriving and enterprising adult.


From Maria Raphel Lamrani Alaoui

School Principal in Singapore and Pedagogical Director of the group La Petite Ecole


Our recommended read to go further (FR): “Pour une enfance heureuse” by Dr Catherine Gueguen, Pediatrician (2015)


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