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To shoot in Singapore, foreign reporters and any member of a film crew, non-sponsored by a governmental agency to cover an event, have to obtain a « Miscallaneous Work Pass » (MWP)

All information about administrative procedures to obtain the MWP are on the Ministry of Manpower website :

The costs to obtain a MWP are 70 SGD.

The procedure to be followed is this one :
Download the « Miscellaneous Work Pass Application Form » on the following link :

Some activities are exempted from a Miscellaneous Work Pass request. You can consult the list and procedure to be followed here :


In some cases (long-term shooting for example, or in a case of a delivery for a Singaporean firm) the French production firm’s file must be presented to Singpost (they have agencies everywhere in Singapore) by the local partner.

The file includes :

  • an ID photo from less than 3 months.
  • a passport copy
  • 2 copies of a Singaporean letter’s sponsor (recognized by the State) including the visit’s objective and the activity details (name of the crew members, shooting dates, brief presentation of the French production firm, possibly of the broadcaster as well as a brief description of the project)

The Embassy of France In Singapore can, for recognized French organizations and firms and subject to prior approval, draft this letter of recommendation. The application is to be addressed, with all the elements :

Any file that is not complete will not be processed

The process is about two month, from the reception of the complete application file by the authorities. Beyond 3 months of shooting, a work permit must be requested to the Ministry of Manpower. The MOM (Ministry of Manpower) website includes all the necessary details :

It is imperative that the shooting crew register then on the MOM website when arriving in Singapore :

Any individual, who has a MWP, a Social Visit Pass or a Work Permit, needs also to obtain permission from authorities, or concerned owners, to shoot pictures in some places (hospitals, administrative and official buildings, police offices, or others private properties) and this should be done before their arrival in Singapore, due to the delay in obtaining approval, which can reach 2 weeks.

It is possible to rent, for a 6 days-minimum, buildings or public equipment (former hospital, police offices, schools, etc…) thanks to the “short-term rental of state properties program” open to foreign crews. All the information is available on this link:

CINEMA : The « Singapore Film Commission » ( advises filmmakers to hire a local production manager, the place being more familiar to him. It is not an obligation; a foreign crew can work in an autonomous way if it respects the rules. It is also requested to inform firms and neighborhood of the shooting activities, at least 3 working days before.

The temporary admission of technical equipment is possible, by filling an ATA book, which will be the equipment’s passport in Singapore.

Other useful information :
« Rushes » imports shall be indicated to the MDA’s (Media Development Authority) Licensing Services (Film and Publications) which will do the necessary for the customs clearance. To contact them by phone : +65 6377 3800 and fax : +65 6577 3888, being able to provide answers to the following questions :

Name of the person possessing the tapes

  • Passport’s number
  • Flight’s number
  • Date of arrival
  • Film or tapes’ object
  • Number of tapes

For any complementary information about shootings, you can get in touch with :