IFcinéma à la carte (May)

This month of May, the movies offered are highlighting the Festival de Cannesthe Cannes International Film Festival. You will be able to catch these four movies which were part of the selection of previous editions of the festival and made available from 10 May to 10 June on the platform IFcinéma à la carte.

  1.  L’Atelier (The Workshop)

Feature film by Laurent Cantet

Produced by Archipel 35 / Archipel 33

Release in France : 11/10/2017


La Ciotat, the South of France, summer. Antoine has agreed to attend a writing workshop in which a few young people have to write a crime thriller with the help of Olivia, a famous novelist. The writing process will recall the town’s industrial past, a form of nostalgia that doesn’t interest Antoine. More concerned with the fears of the modern world, the young man soon clashes with the group and Olivia, who will be both alarmed and captivated by Antoine’s violence.


2. Barbara

Feature film by Mathieu Amalric

Produced by Waiting for Cinéma

Release in France : 06/09/2017


An actress will play Barbara, the French singer. The shoot will soon start. The actress works on her character, her voice, the songs, scores, the gestures, knitting, scenes she has to learn, things are going okay, there’s progress, development, she is even overwhelmed. The film director also works, through his encounters, through archives, music, he let’s himself be submerged, overwhelmed like the actress, by the actress.


           3. Bird People

Feature film by Pascale Ferran

Produced by Archipel 35 / Archipel 33

Release in France : 04/06/2014


In transit in an international hotel near Roissy airport on the outskirts of Paris, a computer engineer coping with a huge amount of professional and emotional pressure decides to radically change the direction of his life.
A few hours later, a young hotel maid, who is at an inbetween period of her life, finds her existence turned upside down by a supernatural event.


          4. Run

Feature film by Philippe Lacôte

Produced by Banshee Films

Release in France : 17/12/2014


Run is a runaway who has just killed the Prime Minister of his homeland. Disguised as a lunatic, he begins wandering across the city. He remembers his past through flashbacks: his childhood with Master Tourou when he was dreaming of becoming a rain-maker, his adventures with Gladys the eating champion and finally as a soldier at the heart of a political and military conflict in the Ivory Coast. This is how RUN earned his name. He never chose any of these lives; he just manages to escape from one to the other.