International French School (Singapore) Home-based Learning Programme 2020

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The home-based learning programme set up at the International French School in Singapore (IFS) since April 8 is designed to maintaining a quality education while protecting the health, safety and well-being of the community.

Based on AEFE guidelines and on the experiences of schools within the AEFE network who have been on home-based education for longer, this programme is structured, differentiated by cycle, and evolving with regular evaluations with its users (parents, students, teachers).

The main characteristics of the IFS Home-based programme:

-The programme makes it possible to work differently, efficiently and adapted according to grade level.

-It takes into account the attention span and concentration of students according to their age.

-It respects a high intensity of work, while accounting for students no longer having constant interaction with their classmates.

-Students who find it challenging to adapt to this new way of learning are monitored. Particular attention is paid to observing the progress and attendance of students so that no student is “left behind”.

-It takes into account, depending on the age of the student, the time spent in front of screens.

-It allows students to finish the academic program for the school year under suitable conditions.

-It will enable parents to balance their obligations between teleworking related to their professional activity on the one hand and support for their children in home-based learning, on the other.

-It evolves according to the degree of familiarity of families, students and teachers, progress in the school program, and the needs of the student.

Home-based education requires students, parents, teachers and support staff to do different and often more intense work. IFS teams are engaged full-time on this change and are committed to minimizing the impact for families while exploiting opportunities that benefit students.

IFS Principal, Mr Christian Soulard, commenting on the IFS home-based learning programme said, “Since the start of the crisis, we have invested significantly in technology and staff training. Reviewed by our steering committee for short and medium-term projects, we have adapted our internal organization and deployed exceptional resources to meet the requirements of the situation.”

For more information, visit the IFS COVID-19 FAQ page.