“Le Corbusier 101” at the National Design Center

After the success of “ARCHITECTURE: A Day in the Life of Le Corbusier”, presented at Alliance Française de Singapour in October 2021, as part of their “French Excellence” programme, the dialogue is continuing today at the National Design Centre.

Visit “Le Corbusier 101” and witness the evolution of Le Corbusier’s mastery over space and time, and his influence on the city we call home today, through 101 models of Le Corbusier’s works from the private collection of RT+Q Architects, with furniture and prints from the private collection of Manuel Der Hagopian and Peter Tay Studio.

The physical models are the work of interns at RT+Q. Through the years, it has been a “tradition” for interns to spend the first week of their internship building a model of a Le Corbusier work. The aim is to acquaint the young student with the design ideas of arguably the most versatile architect of the 20th century.

The collection of Le Corbusier’s works form priceless lessons for interns and architects alike – today and the future.

14 April – 8 May

9am – 9pm

National Design Centre, Atrium Level 1

More info here: https://www.designsingapore.org/event/le-corbusier-101.html