French animators – Thomas Szabo and and Helene Giraud deliver a follow up to their successful feature debut and hit TV series.

Minuscule started life as a short film which went onto to inspire a TV series and feature-length movie, the wriging of both of which began at the same time. The series was broadcasted in more than 100 countries –France, Japan, United States and the rest of the world.

The first movie, Minuscule: Valley of Lost Ants, was released in more than 50 countries. Critically acclaimed, it won the 2015 César for the Best Animation film. Several years later, a new adventure began, on the other side of the world, in the caribbean

As the first snowflakes fall in the valley, it is high time to gather supplies for winter. Unfortunately, in the process a young ladybug is trapped in a parcel… that is shipped off to the Caribbean! There is only one way out: gather the dream team again! The ladybug, ant and spider join forces once more on the other side of the globe. A new world, new encounters and new dangers… will the rescue squad make it in time?

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