Ocean Imagineer Drop-in Sessions

Design, build and sail your own sea-worthy vessel, inspired by the ideas of Cesar Jung-Harada, at ArtScience Museum’s lily ponds. Utilising provided modular technology and everyday materials, tap on your creativity and craft your own boat of the future.

22 Apr

Participate in Cesar’s ongoing projects – Indigenous Future Outrigger and Ocean Solar Hydrogen. Build a prototype of Cesar’s floating hydrogen plant – which he hopes will power coastal cities – and build boats of the future combining local ship-building customs with high-tech sailing techniques.


29 Apr

Craft sea vessels inspired by nature that push design limits and imagine a safer and more efficient future for maritime transport, explored through his projects – Ocean Train and Shape Shifting Sailing (Protei).


About Cesar Jung-Harada

Cesar Jung-Harada is a Singapore-based French-Japanese designer, environmentalist, educator and entrepreneur. With ongoing research and development into renewable energy sources and environmentally sustainable sea transport, he regularly delivers workshops for organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic and has delivered keynotes at international conferences organised by the United Nations, Harvard University, and TED.

When: 22 & 29 April

Hours: 2pm – 6pm

Where: Level 1 Rain Oculus, behind Lobby

Tickets: Get your tickets here. Complimentary on a first-come, first-served basis.