Painting With Light Festival

This year, the National Gallery presents the new edition of Painting with Light , a film Festival which examines the significance of art in society by looking at how people live and work with art around the world.

The festival selected over 30 thought-provoking feature-length and short films, as well as single-channel video works, many of which are premiering here. These films bring to light the reality and experience of displacement, an issue that is central to today’s most critical global debates. In telling such stories, filmmakers reveal their responses to the issues of the day, their desire to stage an intervention, and their dreams for humanity. The films will be presented across four sections: Holding Space, Ways of Seeing, Special Focus and Southeast Asian Shorts.

7 French films are presented during the festival, from 5 to 28 October :

In Art We Trust by Benoit Rossel
Sat 13 Oct | 2pm
Sun 21 Oct | 2pm

Louvre City / La Ville Louvre by Nicolas Philibert
Sat 27 Oct | 4.30pm

The Graduation / Le Concours by Claire Simon
Fri 19 Oct | 7.30pm
Sun 28 Oct | 4.30pm

Approved for Adoption by Jung and Laurent Boileau
Sun 28 Oct | 2pm

Focus Iran by Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urréa
Sun 14 Oct | 4.30pm

In the Steps of Trisha Brown / Dans le Pas de Trisha Brown by Marie-Hélène Rebois
Sun 14 Oct | 7.30pm
Sat 20 Oct | 2pm

Central Airport THF by Karim Aïnouz
Sun 7 Oct | 4.30pm
Fri 26 Oct | 7.30pm

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