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Women’s Portraits


Photography exhibition

At SELEGIE ARTS CENTRE gallery, from 12 to 14 March 2021, come to discover this new exhibition : a travel through portraits of women from Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Japon, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Born in La Rochelle (France) Pascale MONTÉ PAPÉE quickly developed a passion for travel and photography. She lived in China, Sénégal, Saudi Arabia and she has since been living for more than four years in Singapore. She is a street and portrait photographer, with a passion for Asia. Her various expatriations have always been an opportunity for her to develop her creativity through photography, painting and sculpture. During the last four years, she edited the  book « Shanghai Streets » about Shanghai in 1993 and made photography exhibitions based on this book (both in Singapore and France).

Last September in Singapore, she showed us the first part of her new project SOUL OF ASIA , with «  Portraits and Colors » from Myanmar and India. Now she presents us a new chapter «  Women’s Portraits »,  a real tribute to women from several countries of Asia. Around thirty portraits, both plural and singular, reflecting different cultures and traditions, radiant with colors and lights.

What attracts you to portrait? How do you choose and work on your subject?

I like to let myself be surprised by the natural beauty, the emotion of a smile, an expression, a moment of complicity. Portraiture is a difficult exercise. You need to take time and be fast while preserving authenticity. A choice under constraint, heart and reason, emotion and technics, the decisive moment. Even if the meeting is furtive, it is necessary to take the time for a meeting and a form of consent. These are rarely stolen moments, even if chance and part of risk often have their place.

30 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188351
Loke Wan Tho Gallery, 3rd Floor


Opening Hours 
Friday: 12pm-8pm
Saturday- Sunday: 1pm-6pm