The Beast – by Bertrand Bonello at The Projector

THE BEAST (“La Bête”) by Bertrand Bonello at The Projector

Presented as part of the Singapore Film Society Showcase,  “The Beast” by Bertrand Bonello takes place in the near future where artificial intelligence reigns supreme and human emotions have become a threat. To get rid of them, Gabrielle (Lea Seydoux) must purify her DNA by going back into her past lives. There, she reunites with Louis (George MacKay), her great love. She is, however, overcome by fear, a premonition that catastrophe is on the way.

Awards: Nominee – Golden Lion (2023 Venice Film Festival)

Rating: R21

Programmer’s Note: French provocateur Bertrand Bonello’s new film is arguably one of 2023’s most mysterious, alluring and confounding works. One might describe it as an attempt at a David Lynch-meets-The Fountain sci-fi mashup, an unclassifiable film to say the least. An ambitious and continually tempting piece that posits love and fear as the two great counteracting metaphysical forces in life, The Beast explores themes of AI, psychosis and fate, set across time, space, and even genres. Take a leap of faith and mess your mind with this one! (Eternality Tan, Vice-Chair & Programming Director, Singapore Film Society)

Do not miss this one and only screening on Saturday 22 June at 1pm at The Projector (Golden Mile Complex)

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