The Challenges of Covid-19 by French Academy of Medicine


France’s National Academy of Medicine (Académie nationale de médecine) celebrates its bicentenary in 2020.  Launched by the King Louis XVIII in 1820, the Academy boasts of a longstanding tradition set by its predecessors, the Royal Academy of Surgery (Académie royale de chirurgie) and the Royal Society of Medicine (Société royale de médecine) created in 1731 and 1776 respectively.

Its mission states that the Academy is especially instituted to respond to all requests from the government on all subjects that may concern public health, and mainly on epidemics, diseases specific to a country, epizooties, diverse fields of legal medicine, among others. In addition, the Academy carries out research that may improve the different aspects of the art of healing.

This makes the Académie nationale de médecine one of the more the competent authorities to address the COVID-19 pandemic; the virus’ pathogenesis, the research on therapeutic and vaccine trials, the public policies and strategies taken and the lessons learnt.

With its international partners, the Académie nationale de médecine will present a seminar in English, “The Challenges of COVID-19” to commemorate its bicentenary.  This is happening on Tuesday, 16 June 2020 from 9.30am to 5.30pm (CEST) via Zoom.  The panel of speakers will comprise virologists, infectious diseases experts, immunologists, pulmonologists, paediatricians and other experts to give a rounded and robust discussion.

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