Directed by     Anissa Bonnefont

Starring     Ana Girardot, Aure Atika, Philippe Rebbot, Rossy de Palma, Yannick Renier

Genre       Drama

Rating         R21 (Sexual Content and Mature Theme)
Runtime        90 minutes
Language       French with English Subtitles

French Title       La Maison
Chinese Title


Directed by Anissa Bonnefont, the film premiered during the French Film Festival 2022.

French writer Emma is 27 when she decides she wants her new novel to be about prostitutes, these women no one seems to really dare to look in the eye. To understand their life at the fullest, she gets herself hired in “La Maison”, a Berlin brothel and becomes one of them. Her experience that was supposed to last only a couple of weeks, will last two years. From one room to another, from sex trade to exploration of woman fantasy, Emma discovers this hidden world: its dangers, its isolation from society and incompatibility with a love life, but also its sorority, grace, and power.

La Maison is adapted from the best-selling novel by Emma Becker. It’s her true story.