“TIRAILLEURS”, French Movie showcased at the European Film Festival


Set in 1917 during World War I, Bakary Diallo enlists in the French army to protect his son Thierno, who enlisted against his will. Together, they navigate the harsh realities of war, with Thierno learning to become a man while Bakary tries to keep his son safe from the dangers of the battlefield. The poignant film explores the bond between a father and son in the midst of war and the sacrifices they make to protect each other.

Drama | War
DIRECTOR: Mathieu Vadepied
CAST: Omar Sy, Alassane Diong, Jonas Bloquet

PG 13 (Violence) | 2023 | French & Peul w/English subtitles | 100 minutes

When: 30 May 2023, at 8PM.

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