Toddlers during confinement. How it works at La Petite Crèche

How a playgroup maintains the precious bond with the children, in times of confinement ?
From the moment they are born, children discover the world by using their 5 senses. La Petite Crèche’s team offers hands-on activities as a basis for learning, in order to meet the needs of the little ones in the most appropriate manner. The pedagogical methods designed by the bilingual playgroup, which welcomes children as soon as they can walk, up to 4 years old, are therefore centred around the senses, but also around the arts and play. 


When the confinement began and schools and childcare centres were asked to close temporarily, La Petite Crèche had prepared a folder with activities and all the necessary material for the children to complete them at home. Later, each child was excited to receive again a second folder of activities from their teachers.


The pedagogical team has worked on a range of age-appropriate resources, giving parents the freedom to use them as they see fit for their child, and depending on the routine at home. These resources include videos explaining how to set up sensory workshops and other workshops focusing on fine motor skills. Each week, a series of fun challenges are shared with the families; these challenges are carefully chosen by the teachers to help develop gross motor skills (balancing, throwing, jumping, etc.) They contribute to the motor, affective, cognitive and sensory development of the child. Among the other activities suggested by La Petite Crèche, the little ones greatly enjoy storytelling, songs, and dancing.  


Last week, the teachers organised a fun cooking competition, a good opportunity to share recipes while training the palate of the little ones. The current situation of confinement being only temporary, the team at La Petite Crèche focuses more than ever on preserving the relationship with the children and their families.


Indeed, Valériane Morello, the Playgroup Supervisor and head teacher, explains that most of La Petite Crèche’s parents normally come in regularly to drop off or pick up their child, which is a real privilege to communicate about the child’s day and general progress. It is therefore essential to maintain this contact: “In addition to direct messaging, our team regularly shares educational articles on topics such as positive parenting, or how to potty train a child. This is all done in an effort to strengthen our most treasured value, that of coeducation, which we nurture all year long” concludes Valériane.