TV5MONDE launches a free mobile application for learning French


For more than 20 years, TV5MONDE was the only international television channel to offer a completely free educational service, designed for everyone and available worldwide.

Following the launch of the first educational exercises in 1999, TV5MONDE created the first online exercises in 2003. TV5MONDE has since continued to improve their online content and offerings.

Their latest innovation to date is a mobile application called “Apprendre le français” to improve a user’s understanding of French.

Where to download it?

The application can be downloaded for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

What does the application offer?

The application includes 3,000 exercises from with graphics and navigation designed for the mobile phone format. More than 800 instructional videos are available, with translations or, in some cases, French subtitles.

The strong point of the application is that it specifically targets the oral comprehension of French. It is the first of its kind to offer a pedagogical support gleaned every week from television excerpts. By focusing on the spoken word, it allows users to immerse themselves in a French-speaking culture, and to acquire the necessary vocabulary in context. The videos show the French language as it is spoken by people the world over, from Lomé to Paris to Montreal to Brussels.

Who is the application for?

The application is especially tailored for anyone over 16 years old who want to learn French, adults who are francophiles, professionals needing it in their work, or students before leaving for a French-speaking country.

The application also has the advantage of offering content for all levels of French proficiency, from A1 (beginner) to B2 (advanced).

Beginner level classes start the learning of the language with 500 exercises. Exercises at the advanced level aid the user in understanding the main arguments of a debate, or even in grasping the nuances between the different points of view expressed.

The application is also translated into eight languages: Arabic, English, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Can we use it in class?

For teachers, it is an additional tool that could be used in class. The videos cover recurring exercises in French language classes: talking about oneself, one’s family, the environment and human rights. The application makes it possible to get around the limitations of the classroom, through the integration of a function that allows for the offline use of the videos.

In addition, users can enjoy independent learning as a complement to classroom work.

More information may be found on the TV5MONDE Website