Volunteer to a study about the perception of time during the circuit breaker

Brainthemind.com is inviting you to participate in a study conducted by Dr Virginie van Wassenhove (CEA) for the laboratory NeuroSpin, a joint collaboration between Inserm, CEA and Université Paris-Saclay. We are globally enduring a pandemic state that radically shakes our present life experiences, altering individuals’ personal agenda, family plans, work organization, and general societal coordination. Yet, we also undergo a paradoxical experience: at once, a total desynchronization through the breaking of our daily academic or work routines, and a global synchronization as everyone sets into physical distancing, and confinement, while trying to find ways of preserving minimal social coherence.
The goal of this series of questionnaires and experimental tasks is to quantify longitudinally and cross-culturally, the individual’s experience of time under such exceptional circumstances. The perception of time will be studied in the course of the physical and social distancing due to the quarantine measures worldwide. This study will take place in the course of and after social distancing measures. Participants will be tested several times during the confinement period, then at least 10 days, and at least 3 months after the confinement period. Each session consists of 3 or 4 series of tests distributed, as desired, over a 2 weeks period. Because we leave you free to manage the scheduling of the tests and questionnaires, it is impossible for us to predict exactly how many sessions you will undertake (you can log out and resume at any time between questionnaires and tasks) or how long they will take you.
The link to the study (select the language and country first) is: https://brainthemind.com/covid19/ 
To know more about the study we recommend that you read the following articles: https://brainthemind.com/time-social-distancing-en/ (in French: https://brainthemind.com/time-social-distancing-FR/)
Other studies (in French) about the pandemic are available at the following address if you wish to participate: https://www.inserm.fr/actualites-et-evenements/actualites/covid-19-et-confinement-faites-avancer-connaissances-participez-enquetes-nos-chercheurs.