Workshop on bilingualism at “Les Oliviers”

Conference Karine

“How to support your child’s bilingualism as a busy parent?” is organised by Les Oliviers French Montessori on Thursday 16 January from 7 to 9pm, 71 Loewen Road #01-04 Singapore 248847.

Research has shown the many benefits of early bilingualism: above all, it stimulates children’s cognitive flexibility, a key skill for the coming years as pointed by the World Economic Forum.
Achieving bilingualism is not about mastering grammar or having a perfect accent, but setting the linguistic goals and cultural values you choose for your children. And keeping up with them on the long run is what parents can give their children beyond the busy schedules and other chores of life.

With a focus on young children, the presentation is conducted in an interactive and workshop style around 3 core components namely:
-What research says about child and language development.
-The tools and frameworks to lay the groundwork for a supportive environment.
-Some pitfalls and success stories about the bilingual journey in our global world.

Parents will walk away with a better sense and ability to:
-embrace the challenges of bilingualism by better knowing the benefits
-comprehend the cognitive and emotional process of learning different languages
-support their children along the journey
-be supported themselves in setting accountability goals and identifying resources

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