Au bout de mes Rêves, a Tribute to JJ Goldman

To raise funds for its programmes that bring live music to public hospitals, Sing’theatre, in partnership with Alliance Française de Singapour, is proud to present:

“Au bout de mes Rêves, a Tribute to JJ Goldman”

2 April 2023 at 2:00 – 5:00 & 8:00 pm at Alliance Française Theatre

This unique series of concerts are targeted at the French-speaking and French-learning communities to celebrate one of the most highly appreciated and influential French singer songwriter, Jean-Jacques Goldman, who has written award-winning songs for Celine Dion.

Goldman’s biggest hits will be revisited by the same artistic team who paid a vibrant tribute  to Johnny Hallyday in 2018 at Alliance Française, bringing you nearly two hours of  exceptional music and a timeless repertoire recognized by all generations.

From ‘Encore un matin’ to ‘Quand la musique est bonne’ via ‘Né en 17 à Leidenstadt’, expect  to sing along to Goldman’s most popular songs. Involved artists are includes 19 singers, 10  musicians and choir students from the International French School (Singapore) who all  range from different ages and nationalities.

Concert director, Nathalie Ribette, has handpicked the best talents of the French-speaking  and French-learning communities to offer a concert that promises “the soundtrack of our  lives” and so many unforgettable moments.

Sing’theatre is raising funds for its community outreach program that brings live music to the underserved communities, more particularly to fund MusicFest@SGH, an annual music  festival inspired by the French “Fête de la Musique”.

Directed and produced by Nathalie Ribette

Musical Direction by Herve Ribette

Live band: Colin Dailey (Bass), Diane Doumenge (Violin), Francois-Dominique  Doll(Saxophone), Hervé Ribette (Guitar), Julie Demange Wodtke (Flute-Harmonica), Laurent  Cassel (Keyboard), Yves Delhaye (Drum)

Guests musicians: Carole Bocquet (Bass), Pascal Lambert (Guitar), Yves Marcel (Guitar)

Singers: Aimée de Montlivault, Alexandra Baranova, Anne-Laure Gagneux, Caroline Litt,  Colin Dailey, David Bachelier, Emilie Oda, Hervé Ribette, Isabelle Demaude-Yau, Jean François Héry, Jérôme Guiral, Julie Mascot, Maria Lavergne, Nat Nair, Nathalie Ribette,  Nurulhuda Hassan, Tony Tong, Xue Fen Tay, Ziggy Bautista

Choir: The students of the International French School- Middle School Choir and High  School Vocal Group, Dir. Julie Demange Wodtke

To attend the concert, donate S$70.00 on  Sing’theatre.